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2014 Packt Publishing Book

2600 Magazine Articles

June 1st, 2009 – Summer Quarter Issue

March 1st, 2011 – Autumn Quarter Issue

Toastmaster Magazine – January 2019

Toastmasters Magazine Article

“Cool, Not Frozen” Article January 2019

Digital Publications

The Next Web

3 types of AI that represent our fears for the future

Free Code Camp

Machine Learning from Zero to Hero

How to free up space on your developer Mac

Perf Machine Learning – Raspberry Pi


5 DevOps Security Challenges

⚛ The React State Museum

7 React Conferences in 2017

React Rebuses

Heartbeat by Fritz

Using TensorFlow.js to train a “Rock-Paper-Scissors” Model

Getting started with the Jetson Nano


Elegant Ruby: Code Quality Automated

CRM Integration with the Big 3 in JavaScript

How to pick a CRM for your Startup

Journal of Remote Work

How to Create a virtual “Water Cooler”

3 Do’s and Don’ts for Remote Work

The Startup

Cheap Laser Engraver

Published Q&A with Gant

Repo Lovers Interview

CFP Land Speaker Interview – Developer Interview

Made with React Native – Featuring Chain React App

React Amsterdam – Speaker Interview

Area 10 Toastmaster Interview of Division Director

App Developer Magazine Article

New Orleans Business Alliance

Reactiflux Q&A

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Patent Application – System and Method for Unsolicited Electronic Mail Identification and Evasion